From Our Wurm Farm To You!

Vermicompost - NOW AVAILABLE!! @ MS Farmers Market and True Local Market


High quality compost made with a diverse array of food scraps, yard waste, and paper waste that would otherwise have been destined for the landfill and contributed to the high levels of Methane and other green house gases emitted.

Custom Wurm Bin


Let us come do a free assessment today. We will build a home or business bin just for you! Don't worry, we are available to maintenance and answer questions as you learn to create your own natural fertilizer.  

VC Extract Applications


Is your lawn, potted plant, row crop, or garden struggling to grow to it's full potential? Do you want to try an alternative to synthetic fertilizers? By rejuvenating your soil with our aerated VC Extract, you lay the groundwork for success!

Educational Workshops/Demos


Let our team of experienced speakers and presenters come to your school, faith-based organization, civic group, or other special event and learn about our approach to sustainability, vermicompost and learn how to build and maintain your own wurm bin!

Schedule a Food Waste Pick Up


Take the next step in helping our planet and environment by letting our wurms eat your waste! Schedule a pick up starting as low as $10/mo.