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At wurmworks, we know that true change and growth is only possible through the hard work of many people coming together with their skills and talents. Please click the links below to learn more about some of our wonderful partners who have support us by diverting waste and growing all naturally together. 

Thanks y'all!

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Mama Nature's is diverting all juice pulp at both the Ridgeland and Fondren locations. Our worms eat it up to create all-natural plant food.

regenerative farming techniques fertilizing all naturally local fresh food chemical free

By utilizing regenerative farming practices, Fertile Ground Farms is growing amazing chemical free produce that you can find right in the heart of Jackson!

community & learning gardens

worm bins elementary school fertile ground project no chemicals vermicompost learning garden

Galloway Elementary School

Galloway Elementary School

Galloway Elementary School

This learning garden is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that was installed as part of the Fertile Ground Project. We provided three vermicompost bins to help the school reduce waste and teach the children about growing food without chemicals. 

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Blackburn Middle School

Galloway Elementary School

Galloway Elementary School

This learning garden is one of Jackson's longest operating school gardens. The two vermicompost bins will play a role in the curriculum and provide the students a way to deal with school waste and create all natural food for their plants. 

good samaritan garden nutrition midtown community donate compost container garden  chemical free

Good Samaritan Center

Galloway Elementary School

Good Samaritan Center

Good Sam provides gardening  and nutrition training /resources to the Midtown neighborhood with their container garden run and used by clients. We donate compost to help them grow  in  pallets, toilets and bath tubs!

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 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our models. Your generous gift will fund our mission of improving soil health to provide more nutrient rich food, while also reducing landfill bound food waste.  

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