Vermicomposting With Worms

Uses Natural Biological Processes

The Soil Food Web is the community of organisms, including worms, that live and work together to make the soil a place in which plants flourish. 

Reduces Landfill Waste

In America, around 40% of our food waste is going to landfills! Businesses, organizations, communities and individuals have a responsibility to protect our environment and wildlife, so let us make it easy for you

Feeds Your Plants or Lawn

Vermicompost (VC) is the glorious by-product of composting with worms...worm poop! Add a bit of VC to your potted plants and veggies or have us come spray some high-quality aerated VC Extract on your lawn to bring life and balance to your soil.  

Get With It -- We Now Offer

VC Extract - Residential and Commercial Applications

Our team will freshly aerate and apply Vermicompost Extract to your lawn, garden, or potted plants. 

Custom Built Wurm Bins

Our team will come to you and build a worm bin that meets your needs!

Educational Workshops

Institutions of learning, Faith-based organizations, Civic groups, and Businesses, schedule us to come give a talk or hands on worm workshop. We will be adding a separate calendar for public events. 

High Quality Vermicompost -- Now Available at MS Farmers Market and True Local Market