Wurm Farming

Where Mother Nature Rules

There are two big pieces that frame our motivation to be wurm farmers:

--For far too long, we have been sold the short term solution of massive amounts of unnecessary toxic chemicals and polluting synthetic fertilizers that harm our families, pets and ecosystem. It's time for our communities to have access to safe, local, natural, affordable and regenerative soil amendments.  

--MS has one of the highest rates of cooked foods and grocery waste per capita. We have a moral imperative to address this economic, social and environmental issue.  Wurms help us naturally process this food waste typically destined for the landfill. Reducing food waste in our landfills can help keep our land, water, and air clean. 

The 5 Rs help us better understand our role. The first three (reduce, reuse, recycle) are widely recognizable and self explanatory. Recovery is taking viable food destined for the landfill and supplying soup kitchens and community pantries through social services organizations like SoSA or Gleaners.  Rot means to compost in one way or another. Let us help you compost like a pro!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle



YAY Science!

 Mississippi State University  research concluded that 'Earthworm castings increased plant growth index, stem diameter, root growth, dry weight, and flower number (marigolds/poinsettias).' And the slow release of nutrients, growth stimulators, and around 60  trace minerals and micronutrients help reestablish the soil health and set the stage for long term plant growth and nutrient cycling.  

According to the USDA, 'the average person spends about $30 a month on uneaten food and a family of four waste almost $1,500 on uneaten food.' The first step is to donate extra food to local food recovery organizations (SoSA or Gleaners), but if that is not appropriate or possible, our wurms will gladly eat it!

The Root of it All

Everyday we are inspired by the beauty, precision, and brilliance of Mother Nature. That's why, at wurmworks, llc, we have a vision of a world that highly values and invests in works and processes of healing and rejuvenation, hallmarks of Mother Nature's life-affirming intentionality.  

 We hope to spark a conversation around how we can work alongside each other and Mother Nature to bring ecological and biological regeneration. We vow to lead by working hard to provide gardeners, farmers, beginners and educators with up to date information and best practices as well as high quality vermicompost and VC Extract to regenerate our city and state from the soil up.   

Pathway to Regeneration of our Soils

The pathway to regeneration involves behavioral change, public awareness, taking responsibility, and the mobilization of new systems, new technologies,  and new ways of thinking about natural systems that can reduce the pressures on the environment. 

Composting with wurms or using vermicompost is one step you can take to join the pathway to regeneration of our soils!

Enable our Ecosystem Engineers

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our models. Your generous donation will fund our mission of improving soil health to provide more nutrient rich food. 

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